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Become a Jedi Knight and learn the skills to defeat Darth Vader.

SAMA Jedi Parties.
JEDI PARTIES : £169.99

Our Jedi party theme is great for kids aged 5yr+. With our very own Jedi knight hosting the party, the birthday boy/girl will become the Jedi apprentice wearing their very own Jedi cape.
The party begins with our Jedi Knight training. The birthday boy/girl will get to become the Jedi apprentice helping to show his/her friends the Jedi training moves. They do all of this with star wars music and big screen images.
Once all the party goers have conquered this stage, they will receive their Jedi capes and light sabres ready for light sabre training. This will be taught by the Jedi and his apprentice (the birthday boy/girl). They will learn great skills to defeat ‘Darth Vader’.
Suddenly, the music will change and Darth Vader will enter the arena with the Jedi’s to prepare for battle. With the skills that they have been taught, our apprentice Jedi’s will battle to save the day.
After Darth Vader has been defeated, all of the party goers will be able to have some fun on our 12ft bouncy castle, giving a great finish to this fun-filled party!

  • One hour 30 minutes.
  • Maximum of 20 children.
  • Invitations.
  • Jedi Knight takes party.
  • All children become Jedi’s (Capes and light sabres).
  • Birthday boy/girl and our Jedi trains their friends.
  • Jedi training.
  • Defeat Darth Vader with their training.
  • Cut cake with Samurai Sword.

SAMA Jedi Parties.
SAMA Jedi Parties.
SAMA Jedi Parties.
SAMA Jedi Parties.

If you dont have very many guest that you wish to invite please do check out our Party Booking options at SAMA CIRCUS CITY!

Our Jedi themed party is 1 hour 30 mins long. Our team can then stay to take the birthday boy/girl through our Samurai sword cake cutting.
Our SAMA training centre, which is located in wild park, Brighton is a child safe, fully themed venue with matted studio for party theme and also a secondary room for party food which feature a big screen TV and free wifi.
Our training centre will be offered as a FREE venue when booked for a party and will be available to you for 2hrs.
30 mins extra is added for Samurai sword cake cutting and food ( bring your own or see extras on checkout).

If you choose to use our parties on wheels option, we can come to a venue of your choice (venue must be pre-booked and paid for by you).
If you would like any extra help in arranging your party please use our contacts page and we will be happy to help.